Thursday, May 27, 2010

June 2nd -Evaluation Day in G.C.S.

On Wednesday Louise Carr,Edel Gardiner, Robert Crosbie, Peter Fitzgerald, Cathal Connors, Darragh Fitzgerald, Colin Devine and Gary Finn will make their way to Gort Community School where they will sit an evaluation in Irish, English and Maths. They will be there from 9am to 2:30pm. Good Luck to all our students!!!

Louise Carr

6th Class.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mrs. Marren's Special Birthday!

Rebecca Mahon presents Mrs. Marren with a hamper for her special birthday.

Ailbhe Flannery presents Mrs. Marren with lilies from Mrs. Fordes's garden!!

Celtic Friends Arrive in Peterswell!

For the second year running Peterswell School has twinned with Ysgol Yr Esgob, a school based in Caerwys, Flintshire in North Wales.

Nine children and four teachers arrived at Peterswell School on the morning of 16th May, following a journey from their school to Liverpool Airport and on to Shannon, in spite of the threatened ash cloud closure.

The students and teachers were provided with a hearty breakfast and then a trip to Coole Park and the Visitor Centre. It was a wonderful sunny summer’s day.

Back at the school preparations were underway for the Annual Barbecue. All food was provided by the parents of the school. Our Welsh visitors were astounded at the huge turnout in their honour. Students and teachers met their host families and spent the afternoon getting to know each other. Two bouncy castles, organised games on the pitch and face painting provided the entertainment for the afternoon.

The barbecue ended at 5.30 and everyone went home to their respective families and host families.

Monday was School Tour day. Third to sixth classes together with our Welsh guests and some parents headed to Galway for a fun-packed day – a trip on the Corrib Princess, bowling, the Museum, the aquarium and an hour in Renville Park on the way home.

On Tuesday our school hosted ‘Peterswell’s Got Talent’ and our guests were the judging panel. The three winners were an Irish Dancing Group performing a hornpipe, a Classical Music Group performing ‘The Crocodile’s Toothache and traditional Irish Music and Dance Group. In the afternoon Gaelic Games coaching was provided by Brian and James Regan, which was a tremendous success.

Finally on Wednesday morning Eddie Linehan visited the school to entertain with some of this wonderful stories – another wonderful treat for our Celtic friends. A small assembly was held and our school was presented with some beautiful books of Welsh stories and an oak plaque with a dragon made from slate.

The visit once again was a tremendous success. New relationships were formed and we are sure will continue. The Irish will have a return visit to Wales in June. Already we are looking forward to it.
By Geraldine Nolan-Welsh Co ordinator.

Hazel Fence

Yesterday,May 25th 2010 a man called Mark Wilson came to our school,to construct a fence around the pre-fab,because the footballs kept going under the pre-fab. We made the fence out of Hazel. The Senior Classes helped Mark make it. We were sent out in groups of six.Firstly, Mark told us to cut pieces of Hazel into five inches.Next,we stuck those pieces in another piece of wood that had holes bored.We had to weave longer sticks. We kept repeating that until we had built all the fence around the pre-fab. Now thanks to Mark and the Senior Classes no more footballs will GO under the prefab.

By: Marie Farrell 5th Class

Sponsored Walk May 2010

Thursday 20th of May, was the date of our sponsored walk. We were lucky that the weather was perfect for our walk,warm and sunny.We gathered at the school gate after lunch to prepare for our walk.We put on our high visability jackets and we had a drink of water before we left. Infants to 1st class stayed on school grounds and had a shorter walk. Francis Walsh led us in his car with Allan Massey at the back. Mary Creaven followed Allan. On the main road we had a Garda escort. We walked towards Gort to Ballinabucky. We turned right down through Dromore. There was a water station at Shearer's house.We got a chance to rest after getting a much-needed drink of water.We continued towards Ballylee.When we got to Shane Egan's house on the main road,Eamonn's bus was waiting to drop us back to the school.We all enjoyed our walk.

Mark Caulfield 5th Class

Slán go foill ,a mhuintir na Breataine Bige!!!

Welsh Visit
Thank you to all those who helped make the Welsh visit a great success. Our visitors were over- whelmed with the hospitality received from all those involved. All the children have enjoyed spending time with their friends from Wales and we look forward to developing the partnership in the future.

Eddie Lenihan -Our own leprechaun entertains the Welsh in Peterwell.

The Welsh Play Irish Sports....

Juggling for the Welsh -May 2010

Peterswell's Got Talent 2010!!

On Tuesday the 18th of May the Welsh and Irish children got together to talk about the Welsh visit.Later that day we were having "Peterswell Got Talent."We had the auditions the week before the Welsh came.Twenty six acts auditioned and the teachers narrowed it down to ten acts.They were "Damhsa damhsa,Abigail Stone,Jackson 6,Trad Trio,Crocodiles Toothace,Threes a crowd,The two Lauras,Riverdance 2,Siabhra Feeneys Monalogue and David Massey's Monalogue."While the Welsh were making their final decision, Katharina Baker has been teaching third class to sixth class juggling and they performed a show.We had scarf jugglers,diablos,ball row and plates.After that the Welsh had made there final decission.In 3rd was the Trad Trio, we had Louise Carr,Siabhra Feeney,and Ciara Connors with Kelly Shearer the dancers.In second place we had the Crocodiles Toothace and that was Siabhra Feeney,Keeley Mannion,Caoilainn Feeney.Last but not least ,1st was awarded to Riverdance 2 was Elaine Walsh,Ciara Connors and Kelly Shearer.It was very close,there was only one point between them.After that the Welsh and the Irish children who were travelling, all went down to the pitch to learn Hurling and Gaelic Football and our coaches were two past pupils Brian Regan and James Regan.We had about an hour of hurling and about a half an hour of Gaelic.For the last thirty minutes we played a game of soccer Ireland verses Wales.It was a close game.We had to go to penalties but in the end the Irish won. At three o'clock, it was time to go home and the rest of the day was spent with the Welsh in their Host family Homes.

By Kelly Shearer (5th Class)

Educational Tour- May 2010

On Monday May 17th,we had our school,in Galway,tour with the Welsh!! Firstly, we took a cruise down the Corrib,the boat was called "The Corrib Princess." Everyone loved it!!!!!!! After that we went bowling! Then we made our way to,(everyone's favourite place,)SUPERMAC'S!!!!A while later,we made our way to the Galway Museum.Then we moved on to the Salthill Aquarium.There, we saw all kinds of fish!!! Lastily,we made our way back to the school,but we stopped at the Renville Park for an hour!! Then we headed back to the school and went home exhausted but happy!